Certified Pilots

This page is for certified pilots (current or not). Whether seeking additional ratings or endorsements, looking to get current (in your aircraft or ours), or just renting our aircraft - start here.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Sign up for an account on our flight scheduler - Flight Circle
  2. When approved, upload the required documents to your account (see this page for guidance on how to do so):
    1. Signed rental agreement
    2. Pilot certificate (front & back)
    3. Medical certificate
    4. Insurance policy/certificate (see below)
  3. Schedule a block of time with an aircraft (if renting) and/or an instructor during an open block (not grayed-out).
  4. Purchase non-owned aircraft (renter's) insurance with $25k of non-owned aircraft damage coverage (only required if flying solo). See this page for details.

Lavion Aero's aircraft and simulator are all useful in achieving additional ratings and currency. Some of the most popular are:

  • New! Multi-engine ratings in our Piper Twin Comanche!
    • Garmin 430W with HSI and Century 2000 autopilot
    • Available for rental with 15 hrs make & model plus 30 hrs total time.
  • Liberty XL-2: Garmin 530/430 combo, Aspen PFD 1000 Pro, and STEC 30 autopilot.
    • Excellent instrument trainer/rental, also qualifies as a TAA (for commercial certificate).
  • Grumman Cheetah: Dynon HDX PFD & D10 backup (no steam gauges), Avidyne IFD440 GPS.
    • Excellent instrument trainer/rental
  • Redbird FMX AATD: steam gauge (with Garmin 530/430 combo) and Garmin G1000 panel options.
    • Loggable for 20 of the 40 hrs for instrument, 50 hrs toward commercial, and 25 hrs toward ATP.
    • Legal for maintaining instrument currency without an instructor.

If you haven't already, sign up for an account on our scheduler - Flight Circle.