Airport Lights

Airport lights automatically activate at dusk. During the activation the runway lights switch on and off every couple of seconds for a few cycles. Only after that period is the pilot controlled lighting activated. 5 clicks turns on the CTAF turns on the lights, 8 clicks turns them off or they’ll time out after 20 minutes or so. There’s only one intensity for the lights – on (medium).

Airport Weather

Winds, temps, and altimeter settings are available at the airport via a SayWeather system. Click 4 times on CTAF (122.9) in order to trigger the playback of weather over CTAF. For an abbreviated reading of just winds, click 3 times on CTAF. Please monitor CTAF to ensure triggering the weather announcement won't interfere with other communications.

Hangar Doors

Please close the hangar door after pulling the aircraft out to fly to keep critters & bird out, to keep valuables protected, and to keep the heat in during colder weather as the hangars are heated. In hangar A please turn off the heaters via the switches next to the Up/Down buttons while the door is open, and be sure to turn them on after closing it.


Note - the access to the north taxiway is now blocked and cannot be use by aircraft.Hopefully we'll see this open again in the spring.

The taxiway between the north and south hangars is frequented by cars and other traffic traveling to/from the north hangars. Be cautious of taxiing via that route. There are times that equipment may be blocking the taxiway area near the south hangars requiring a turn-around or shutdown.


When parking at the north hangars, be sure to park well out of the way of potentially taxiing aircraft to/from the other hangars. The spaces in between the large hangars can be utilized as well as in the grassy/dirt areas off the taxiways. Do not park in front of hangars.

Residence Taxiway

The taxiway leading to the residences is narrow and has no turnaround area. Once you taxi in there you’ll need to shut down and maneuver in order to turn around. Only residents and their guests are permitted on that taxiway.