Yep, that topic. Insurance is one of those necessary evils, made ever more important with today's high-cost insurance and litigious environment. While Lavion Aero carries both liability and hull insurance for all operations, and you enjoy some levels of protection through it, that insurance is geared specifically for protecting Lavion Aero and its interests. Currently Lavion Aero's airplane insurance has a large deductible for physical damage that you could be liable for if any sort of aircraft damage occurs while under your control (depending on the situation), whether hangaring, fueling, taxiing, or flying. Because of this we now require that all airplane students/renters/instructors obtain their own renter's insurance with a minimum of $25,000 of hull coverage (not applicable to helicopter students/pilots).

What do you benefit by purchasing your own insurance?

  • No liability for covering the deductible for any damage (subject to the terms of your rental insurance)
  • Optional greater personal liability protections
  • Optional greater personal legal defense protections
  • Covers any aircraft you fly but don't own - not just at Lavion Aero
While there are a number of places you can purchase this insurance through, we've done some research and found one of the best & least expensive places is BWI. 
Here's some places that provide this renter's insurance:
  • BWI - One of the lowest annual prices
  • Skywatch - Offers monthly insurance
  • Avemco - Great coverage

We provide a simple, one-button click (below) where you can price and bind your non-owned aircraft insurance through BWI in just a few minutes: