Multi-Engine Training & Rental!

Lavion Aero is proud to announce that we have acquired a twin-engine airplane in order to provide multi-engine training and time building. 

Whether stepping up to a multi-engine aircraft for personal travel, or as a step on the way toward a career as a professional pilot, a multi-engine rating is essential. 

If you already own a twin and need some transition training we can likely do that for you! Just email or call and we can discuss your specific needs.

Training Programs and Rates

  • Aircraft: $299/hr (wet), multi-engine instruction: $75/hr, check ride: $700
  • Base multi-engine rating: 3 days on-site, 10 hrs of flight and ground instruction, simulator usage:  $4,350* plus check ride.
  • Base 15: Additional 5 hrs dual to qualify for rental of the aircraft for personal use, includes additional ground/simulator training: +$1870, total of $6,210*
  • Base 25: to meet ATP requirement just add 10 more hrs of rental time to the base 15: +$2990, total of $9,200*

*Package prices above will depend on variables such as pilot qualifications, experience , need for complex endorsement, etc.

Call, Text, or eMail for more info

Open Rentals/Time Building

Yes, the Twin Comanche is available as an open rental  and for time building!

  • 15 hrs make and model plus 300 hrs total time (and a checkout) is required for rental
  • Pilots with necessary experience are available for time-sharing to build hours.

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