New Seaplane Training!

Lavion Aero now offers seaplane rating flight training! Based at nearby Dumont Lake it's conveniently located in an area with numerous lakes around. There's few things more fun and exciting than flying off water. The training in this aircraft is for existing pilots only but it's a relatively easy add-on to your current license.

This aircraft and the instructor are now listed in our scheduler and open for lessons! Coming up on the expiration of your flight review? Getting a new rating on your certificate resets your flight review date!

Training consists of mostly water operations: normal, glassy water, rough water and confined space take-off's and landings, step taxi and turns, slow taxi, docking, mooring and beaching, surveying landing sites, securing the aircraft, effects of wind on the plane. In the air, particular emphasis is put on slow flight, steep turns and stalls. Most current pilots take 8-10 hours to complete the rating. Checkride is per the current FAA PTS, and consists of an oral and flight exam. There is no written exam required.