About Us

Based at Ottawa Executive Airport (Z98) in Zeeland, Michigan, Lavion Aero provides provides various high quality aviation-related services such as:

  • Flight and ground instruction in our or your aircraft
  • Aircraft and simulator rentals
  • Aircraft Maintenance

How do we differ from the rest? It's actually quite simple - we put your needs first!

  • We tailor your training to your needs, goals, and learning style while adhering to a standardized curriculum in order to provide better awareness to your real progress while allowing transition to other instructors if/when necessary.
  • We respond to your questions in a timely (within one day), professional manner
  • We make it easy to get in touch - one phone number that reaches us (616-727-0966) - call or text any time day, night, or weekend
  • We are not 'old school' - we very much embrace modern technologies and paperless operations.