The following is a list of our current aircraft and rental rates:

Robinson R44 Helicopter - $523 $450/Hobbs hour (wet)

The Robinson R44 is a very popular and capable helicopter well-suited to training and useful rental once your rating is achieved. See for Robinson Helicopter's specific training guide.

Piper Cherokee 140 Cruiser - $114/Hobbs hour

The Piper Cherokee 140 Cruiser, part of the Piper PA-28 series of aircraft, is popular training aircraft . It has 4 seats but approaches max weight with 2 larger adults and full fuel. This model has various speed mods to make it a faster than the stock model. Read more about it

Cessna 150 - $100/Hobbs hour

The Cessna 150 is one of the most popular 2-seat training aircraft ever produced. It is a docile yet capable aircraft. Read more about it

Link to: Checklist

Grumman Cheetah AA-5A - $135/Hobbs hour

The Cheetah has just been upgraded to a newly rebuilt engine and converted to an all-glass/electronic panel with the addition of a Dynon HDX & D10 along with an Avidyne IFD440 GPS/Com/Nav. The Cheetah is a fun, 4-place aircraft with sliding canopy for easy in/out. Read more about it

All aircraft rental rates are a 'wet' rate which includes fuel and oil.

Redbird FMX AATD - $50/Hobbs hour

The Redbird FMX Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) is a full-motion virtual reality flight simulator. This simulator can be used to log the following time:

  • 2.5 hours for Private
  • 20 hours for Instrument
  • 50 hours for Commercial ratings
  • 25 hours for ATP
  • IFR Currency (6 instrument approaches, course intercepts, and holds within 6 mo.)


Basic instruction rate is $55 per hour. Basic instruction time includes that for sport, private, and commercial ratings.

Advanced instruction is $65 per hour. Advanced instruction includes that for Instrument, multi-engine, and CFI instruction along with high performance and complex endorsements.

Helicopter instruction is $75 per hour.

All instruction prices are for both ground and flight instruction and is billed in .1 hr increments.

Rental Agreement

It is required for all students, instructors, and renters to read and sign our aircraft rental agreement.

Payment and Billings

Aircraft and Instructor time is billed in hours and tenths of hours for actual time used. For instructors this means ground and flight instruction time.

Credit/Debit cards or checks are accepted for payment - we are not equipped to handle cash payments.

Payment for rental and instruction is expected at the conclusion of the rental and/or instruction session. If staff is not available to receive your check or credit/debit card then you will be emailed the bill to be paid as soon as practical.

Checks should be made out to Lavion Aero and mailed to:

Lavion Aero

5923 Byron Rd

Zeeland, MI 49464